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The Seabiscuit soundtrack, an enhanced CD, is available from Decca/UMG soundtracks. Get the Seabiscuit soundtrack to complement your Seabiscuit DVD which is now available from Universal Home Video & DVD. You can even preorder the Seabiscuit DVD at the Universal Online DVD store.

The Seabiscuit soundtrack features music from Academy Award winner Randy Newman. He has created a lyrical, sweeping soundtrack for this beautiful film - an American epic of triumph and perseverance that stars Chris Cooper, Tobey Maguire, Jeff Bridges and William H. Macy. The Seabiscuit soundtrack has 21 tracks and features performances by the following artists: Randy Newman, Charlie Bisharat, George Doering, Bruce Dukov, Michael Fisher, John Goux, James Kanter, Malcom McNab, Dean Parks, James Thatcher and Jim Walker. The Seabiscuit soundtrack also includes performances by the Mariachi Reynas of Los Angeles Orchestra, conducted by Randy Newman.

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You can learn more about the Seabiscuit soundtrack and movie at the official Seabiscuit movie web site. Don't forget to visit the Unviersal Studios Online DVD store to preorder and purchase your favorite DVD selections inlcluding Seabiscuit which arrives on DVD and video on December 16.

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