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Jeff Bridges (Charles Howard) is one of Hollywood's most successful actors and is a four-time Academy AwardŽ nominee. Jeff Bridges earned his first OscarŽ nod in 1971 for Best Supporting Actor in Peter Bogdanovich's The Last Picture Show, co-starring Cybill Shepard. Three years later, he received his second Best Supporting Actor nomination for his role in Michael Cimino's Thunderbolt and Lightfoot. By 1984, Jeff Bridges landed top kudos with a Best Actor nomination for Starman; that performance also earned him a Golden Globe nomination. In 2001, he was honored with another Golden Globe nomination and his fourth OscarŽ nomination for his role in The Contender.

Jeff Bridges in Seabiscuit
Jeff Bridges plays the part of Charles Howard, Seabiscuit's owner in the Seabiscuit movie. Charles Howard was determined to promote his horse, Seabiscuit. He went through great lengths to make sure the press had the latest scoop on his race horse. His efforts paid off -- Seabiscuit was the number one story in newspapers in 1938.

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