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It was the beginning of the 20th Century. Charles Howard from Seabiscuit was the young owner of a bicycle shop in San Francisco, was startled by a loud rumbling. When he went to investigate the source of the noise, he saw the future - the strange contraption they called an automobile was barreling down the street toward him. Within a few years, Charles Howard owned the most successful Buick dealership in the West.

But the cars that had brought him success and fortune ended up stealing the thing Charles Howard from Seabiscuit loved most. After his son was killed in an automobile accident, Howard's life spiraled downward, his marriage dissolved and he was left empty and alone.

A few years later, Charles Howard from Seabiscuit movie remarried a beautiful young woman named Marcela Zabala - the two had met at the track. Together the newlywed couple decided to buy a horse. Howard had hired a peculiarly quiet and idiosyncratic trainer named Tom Smith, who spied a spark of promise in a difficult and awkward plain bay named Seabiscuit - the son of Hardtack, descendent of the great Man-O-War.

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