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Academy AwardŽ winner actor Chris Cooper (Tom Smith in Seabiscuit) has established himself as an actor at the top of his form with an impressive string of honest and striking performances. Most recently, actor Chris Cooper played the pivotal role of Laroche in Adaptation, written by Charlie Kauffman (Being John Malkovich) directed by Spike Jonze. The film is loosely based on Susan Orlean's novel, The Orchid Thief, which follows a sexually frustrated screenwriter's attempts to adapt Orlean's anecdotal novel for the screen. The film also stars Nicolas Cage and Meryl Streep.

Actor Chris Cooper in Seabiscuit the Movie

Actor Chris Cooper plays the part of Tom Smith in Seabiscuit the movie. As the trainer of Seabiscuit, Tom Smith (Actor Chris Cooper) was amazed at the speed and strength of Seabiscuit. Tom Smith was a horse whisperer and had a way with the animals. Sent on a mission to find a horse for Charles Howard, he came upon Seabiscuit -- an overworked, and neglected Thoroughbred. Knowing this horse had potential, Smith had to have the horse. Smith became a cult figure amongst horse trainers and continued to care for Seabiscuit throughout the horse's racing career.

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Actor Chris Cooper was recently seen in The Bourne Identity for Universal Pictures in the strong supporting role as the mastermind of the CIA's controversial clandestine operation, Treadstone. In 2000, Cooper portrayed Colonel Burwell opposite Mel Gibson in The Patriot, a Revolutionary War epic directed by Roland Emmerich. In the same year, actor Chris Cooper appeared with Jim Carrey in the comedy Me, Myself, and Irene for directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly. Actor Chris Cooper received outstanding acclaim for his supporting role alongside Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening in the Academy AwardŽ-winning film American Beauty.

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